Shasta Photo Booth

We just completed our latest project and are very excited to introduce the Shasta Photo Booth.  Our motto is, "We Bring The Fun", guarenteed.  So we thought, what's more fun than a photo booth?  A vintage trailer that's also a photo booth!  So we renovated a 1972 Shasta Loflyte travel trailer and converted into a, fully functional photo booth. This unique photo booth creates its own timeless atmosphere and is sure to be a hit with people of all ages.  During the renovation we kept as many original parts as we could in a effort to preserve its vintage charm.  It still has the original gas lamp, stove/cook top, hood vent, most of the light fixtures and a lot of the original cabinets and hardware.  Your guests will love the laid back vibe and timeless atmosphere created by this iconic trailer.  Four people fit comfortably in the booth but we've had as many as 8 people in a single photo.  Take the challenge and see if your group can fit more!  The exterior of the Shasta booth has been with an LED lighting kit and makes a great photo backdrop for vintage photography.  The lighting has 9 color options and 11 active lighting options so we can find a color and/or setting that matches your events theme.  I'm sure your photographer would be intrigued and could come up with some great ideas to capture that perfect photo using the booth as a prop or backdrop.  We can even bring the Shasta Booth into your reception hall.  Its 7'8" tall, 7'10" wide and 16' long so if your venue has large enough ground level access to your room we can make it happen.  We are able to place the Shasta Photo Booth in your room without driving the tow vehicle through the venue.  If your venue has questions or concerns feel free to have them give us a call and we will go over the logistical details with them directly.  Click here for more information and pricing.

Thank you for your interest in Signature Photo Booth. Home of the Vintage Shasta Photo Booth. Be sure to check out our free Open Air Booth upgrade option. Photo booth rental "We Bring The Fun, Guaranteed!"