All packages are subject to taxes based upon the location of the event.

All Rentals Include The Following

Delivery, Setup and Takedown

On time delivery, complete setup and timely takedown.  Professionalism is what you will get from start to finish.

Professional Attendant

An attendant will be on-site throughout the event.  From setup to takedown.  Their main goal is to inspire a fun atmosphere and insure your guests have a great experience.

Easy to Use Booths

Our touch screen booths are interactive and easy to use.  During the photo session the monitor acts like a mirror so your guests can see what the camera sees. It also counts down between photos so you'll know when its time to strike that pose.  The screen will immediately display the captured photo for a few seconds after each shot and then the live video and countdown will resume for the next photo.  That's when the laughter starts.

Unlimited Photos

Your guests can use the booth as many times as they want during the rental period.

Spacious and Elegant Booths

Our booths are larger than the average booth and can accommodate 12 people comfortably but we've had as many as 18 people in one image.  Take the challenge and see if your group can break our record.  Our closed booths can now be as large as 10x10 but are adjustable to fit into a smaller footprint if needed.

Prints in seconds

We use superior grade dye-sublimation printers that produce lab quality prints in about 12 seconds.

Backdrop Options

Choose from a verity of our standard backdrops.  We also have upgraded options to choose from including green screen or we can even over you your very own fully customized backdrop.  Upgraded backdrops are available for $55.00 and fully customized backdrops start at $115.  We will need at leats a 3 week lead time to order customized backdrops.  Check out our current available backdrop selection here.

Basic Package Rental Rates

$345 - 2 Hour Basic Package

$445 - 3 Hour Basic Package

$545 - 4 Hour Basic Package 

$595 - Signature Package

The Signature package is a 4 hour rental and adds the following.

Social Sharing

Share your photos and GIFs on Facebook, Twitter or Email. No Internet? No problem. The booth will save Emails and we will send them the next day.

Personalized Logo and Photo Strip Background Color

A personalized logo can be designed to match your invitations, events décor, table cards or even a unique design that defines your event.  This logo will appear at the bottom of every photo strip.  After the logo is created we will send a proof to you for your approval.

Prop Box of Fun

We pride ourselves in having an excellent selection of fun and unique props and are constantly adding to our collection.  As a matter of fact, when we contact your venue we request an 8 foot table just to accommodate all of them.  Props are a great way to help your guests loosen up and have a good time and our vast selection will inspire your guests to unleash their fun side.  Click here to view a few sample photos of our ever growing prop collection.

Photo Strips for Everyone

What's the fun in going home empty handed.  No one wants to cut up the strip or draw straws to see who gets the photo strip.  With the Signature Package will print a photo strip for everyone in the photo and one more for your included photo album.

Animated GIFs

GIFs are a fun and shareable mash-up of the photos taken during that session.  The booth will create a GIF at the end of each session and present it to your guests along with the customized photo strip.  Your guests then have the opportunity to share and email them right from the booth.


Instagram inspired filters add to the fun with color, B&W, Sepia & Vintage, Cartoon, Sketch, Warhol & more. 


We'll setup a slideshow of the photos taken at the booth and update it throughout the night.  A slideshow extends the entertainment factor outside the booth.  Your guests will get a kick out of reviewing everyone's photos and will be inspired to make a return trip to the booth.  The display can be placed anywhere there is available table top space and outlet.

Online Gallery

All of the photo strips from the event will be uploaded onto a personal client page with password access.  The photos strips on your event page will only be viewable by the people who you give the password too.  Once your guests gain access to the page they are free to browse through all the photo strips and even share or download the ones they want to keep for themselves.

Digital Copy

All of the images from the booth are yours.  They will be delivered to you on a DVD at the end of the night.  You're free to share and print away.  Your digital copy will include all of the content created by the booth during your rental period.  This includes every individual 4x6 image, GIF, and customized photo strip.

Photo Album

Our attendant will work with your guests to create a one of a kind album full of fun photos and great memories.  A copy of your guests photo strip will be placed in the abum.  Your guests will then be provided with gel pens and fun stickers so they can wright a message next their photo strip and customize there page.  The album will be completed and delivered to you at the end of the night.

$895 - Shasta Photo Booth

The Shasta Photo Booth Signature Package.  All the features of the Signature Package but with an epic vintage upgrade.

Our newest offering is a 1972 Shasta Loflyte travel trailer converted into a, fully functional photo booth.  During the renovation we kept as many original parts as we could in a effort to preserve its vintage charm.  It still has the original gas lamp, stove/cook top, hood vent, most of the light fixtures and a lot of the original cabinets and hardware.  Your guests will love the laid back vibe and timeless atmosphere created by this iconic trailer.  Four people fit comfortably in the booth but we've had as many as 8 people in a single photo.  Take the challenge and see if your group can fit more!  The exterior of the Shasta booth also makes a great photo backdrop for vintage photography.  I'm sure your photographer would be intrigued and could come up with some great ideas to capture that perfect photo using the booth itself as a prop or backdrop.  We can even bring the Shasta Booth into your reception hall.  Its 7'8" tall, 7'10" wide and 16' long so if your venue has large enough ground level access to your room we can make it happen.  We are able to place the Shasta Photo Booth in your room without driving the tow vehicle through the venue.  If your venue has questions or concerns feel free to have them give us a call and we will go over the logistical details with them directly.  You can take a better look at our one of a kind photo booth here.

Wedding Reception Favors

I know what your thinking.  One of the reasons you've chosen to book a photo booth is because the photo booth fun and photo strips themselves are what you want to offer as your wedding favors. We'd say you've got great point and we defiantly wouldn't argue with that logic.  But we have a second motive behind offering favors as a complement your photo strips.  We worked it out so you get to use them first.  For you, they make great table placements and offer a way to communicate with every one of your guests while you are off with your photographer taking stunning photos.  This will give you the opportunity to thank your guests for attending, invite them to use the photo, communicate things like hash tags, the online gallery password or any other unique items or events happening at your reception.  In the weeks before your wedding we'll work with you to create a custom greeting strip that embraces your receptions colors and theme.  Your personalized greeting/favor will be delivered and placed at every seat for you on the day of the reception.   Your guests will take them home or bring them to work to display their favorite photo strip of the night.  They'll appreciate a wedding favor they'll actuly use and seeing the display will remind them of the incredable night you all had together.  It's a win-win.

The below listed prices include the creation and customization of the personalized welcome strip.  As well as the printing, stuffing, delivery and placement of your selected favors.  100 unit minimum required.

$2.50 Each - Premium Acrylic Photo Strip Stand

$2.35 Each - Standard Acrylic Photo Strip Stand

$2.25 Each - Acrylic Photo Strip Holder with Magnet

$2.15 Each - Vinyl Sleeve With Full Magnetic Back

$1.75 Each - Vinyl Bookmark Photo Strip Sleeve


Thank you for your interest in Signature Photo Booth. Home of the Vintage Shasta Photo Booth. Be sure to check out our free Open Air Booth upgrade option. Photo booth rental "We Bring The Fun, Guaranteed!"