Open Air Booth


Any  rental can be switched to an Open Air photo booth.

Open Air photo booths have their advantages and disadvantages.  We will list them out here and help you decide if the Open Air photo booth is the right option for your event.

 Advantages of an Open Air Booth.

  • With no enclosure to fit into you have even more space to have fun.

  • An Open Air Booth becomes part of the entertainment and will generate a lively atmosphere.

  • Your guests will be inspired when they see the fun and laughter at the booth.

  • You have more backdrop options.  With more space you are able to be more creative with your background.

  • Show off your formal ware.  An Open Air Booth often provides a larger view so your guests can show off that nice dress or tuxedo.

  • The ability to position the studio quality lights and flashes in a manner that will achieve the best image results.

Disadvantages of an Open Air Booth.

  • Without an enclosure you lose the privacy factor.

  • Your less outgoing guests may not feel comfortable being silly for the camera.

  • An Open Air booth has no enclosure.  A Closed Booth can be decorated.  Adding some of your events decor to the enclosure of the booth is always welcome and a great way to bring your personal touch to the booth.

  • An Open Air Photo Booth tends to look a bit more busy.  With our Enclosed  Booths all of the elements of the booth are tucked away as one neat package.

  • A larger area needs to be  reserved to accommodate an Open Air Booth.

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